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Molina de Aragón, Corduente and the Zafra castle


Molina de Aragón is a city with great monumental wealth, which deserves a decent chunk of our time. The city is the perfect size for exploring on foot. Don’t miss the Jewish quarter, with great ...
Molina de Aragón
Castillo de Zafra
Corduente (Centro de Interpretación)
Ermita-santuario Virgen de la Hoz

Molina de Aragón is a city with great monumental wealth, which deserves a decent chunk of our time. The city is the perfect size for exploring on foot. Don’t miss the Jewish quarter, with great medieval beauty, and the Morería neighbourhood on the other side of the Gallo river. The Roman or old bridge, built between the 12th and 13th centuries, crosses over this. It is the symbol of the town, alongside the castle of course.


The Molina castle dominates everything from its peak. Its extension and characteristics, and having been the head of the important Lordship of Molina -almost a nation independent from Castile and Aragón­, make this a must visit. The fort has two areas: the large outdoor area, with five access gates and defended by different crenelated towers; indoors we find the castle and its six towers, four in good condition or restored. Higher up, at the top of the hill, which used to connect to the castle, there is the popular Aragón tower, the town’s lookout.


Back in the urban area, we’ll come across numerous Christian temples, palaces and stately homes from different periods; from the Roman Santa Clara to San Gil, fully reconstructed after a fire in the 20th century; the Renaissance reflected in St. Peter, with its beautiful Mudejar belfry or the mix of styles and decorations in the St. Francis Convent. The House of the Bishop Díaz de la Guerra, the Arias Palace, the Montesoro Palace, etc. Although the highlight of the bunch is the Molina Palace, La Subalterna, with a large, vaulted half-point arch in the façade with the Molina coat of arms.


The area surrounding Molina offers a range of interesting options. We suggest two visit going in different directions.


To the east, the Zafra Castle, nestled on a rock in the Caldereros mountains, a spectacular, eye-catching fort that has served as the backdrop in numerous Game of Thrones scenes. You can drive to the base.


To the south-west, the impressive Barranco de la Hoz in Corduente, part of the Alto Tajo Natural Park. Here, the same Gallo river that crosses Molina has pierced the ground over thousands of years, giving the scenery a unique beauty, leaving several sandstone mounds in the higher part and conglomerates in the lower part. From the grooves in the higher part of the canyon, different types of birds of prey can be seen, and at the foot of the escarpments, the beautiful, secluded Chapel-Shrine of Our Lady of the Virgen de la Hoz, from the 16th century.


People usually come by car straight to the chapel. However, if you have the time and are feeling adventurous, a circular hiking path from Corduente (9 km, around 4 and a half hours walking) means you can visit the ravine and areas people don’t usually visit. Visit the “Dehesa de Corduente” Interpretation Centre in Corduente: that’s where the trail begins and you can learn more; and there is a picnic and leisure area.


The traditional local cuisine is also worth mentioning. Morteruelo, a local stew made with pig’s liver, and a product that over time has gained a strong reputation as being the mainstay of Molina cuisine: black truffle, delicious in goat stew. The popular ‘patas de vaca’ (cream puffs) are a delicious dessert.

Travel recommendations

“Dehesa de Corduente” Interpretation Centre (Corduente)

Road CM-2015, km 85

Telephone number: 949 848 217

Email address: cicorduente@jccm.es

Tourist office
Oficina de Turismo de Molina de Aragón
C/ Tiendas, 62
19300 Molina de Aragón
949 832 098

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